Pantone LIVE

Pantone Live process cloud

Pantone Live in the cloud offers the same spectral data for all parties involved in the design and production process. Different roles have different Pantone Live options. Pantone Live is recommended in combination with Pantone Original Colour systems and Xrite tools and software. You choose the level of investment, the key is to share the original spectral data for saving time and costs in pre-production and during the quality control process. 

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PantoneLIVE Design

Pantone Digital
940,00 SEK

PantoneLIVE Production for Print & Packaging

Pantone Digital
5 560,00 SEK

PantoneLIVE Production Textiles, Coatings, Plastics

Database in the Cloud with tested Spectral Colour Values and Pantone Textiles, Coatings and Plastic palettes. Easy access for all partners in the production process from inspiration creation, development, production and reproduction. Gives Design/Buying partners a common platform with Manufacturers for accurate, fast and easy colour production.
4 480,00 SEK

Vi reserverar oss för pris-, text- och bildfel.