Luminary Colour Anna Starmer

LUMINARY COLOUR by Anna Starmer   

Luminary Consultancy was founded in London, by Anna Starmer. As well as producing the bi-annual Luminary books, Anna is an independent creative director working with many leading fashion and interior brands and retailers. Anna has consulted to Marks and Spencer for over ten years in lingerie, childrenswear and now Home. Clients include Manolo Blahnik, Boden,, Ercol, Estee Lauder, Gap, Anthropologie and John Lewis.

Anna is recognised for her ability to link a true passion for colour and design, together with real lifestyle and market knowledge. It is this clever fusion of inspiration with reality, which sets Anna’s work apart. The information that Anna brings to you comes from a constant search for new ideas, blended with 20 years of experience working in the design and retail sector.

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60 min coaching on demand

60 min online trendmöte med Anna Starmer, som presenterar och ger en bakgrundsbild till alla sina färgteman och varför. Kan endast köpas ihop med Luminary trendbok.
Introduktionserbjudande gällande utgåva No 24. Kontakta oss
5 940,00 SEK

Luminary utgåva no 24

Utgåva no 24 (höst-vinter 22-23) "Colour Medicine"
Trendbok i generös storlek med makro-färgtrender, nyckelfärger och eget fotograferat inspirationsmaterial, färgprover och digitala färgkoder, ett unikt sätt att forska kring och uttrycka färgtrender.
17 900,00 SEK

Luminary Cotton Swatchpack - 60

This swatch-pack contains a total of 60 colours from Luminary's trendbook.
7 100,00 SEK

Vi reserverar oss för pris-, text- och bildfel.