It´s all about colours

It is amazing when colour finally gets the attention it deserves in the landscape of design. Is colour something more profound than "just another colour"? I would say yes.

It so happened that 2 radio-shows past week in Sweden has addressed colour from different angels. In radio show Stil, channel P1, the conversation was about colour grey and why it has reached such a large attention in design, particularly in interior design last couple of years. And in talk show PP3 about Generation Z - the yellow generation, that follows the Millenials - the pink generation. How come we classify generations by their signature colour? Working with colour from the design perspective, it has not always been taken seriously, colour I mean, more like cream of the cake.




In todays world, I would say it is all about colour and we understand much better why colour ease our lives, not only cheering us up! I met a technician who claimed "I hear music in colour". In my job not only do we explaining how to choose a colour and how to achieve a colour with proper tools through production. One might claim "but we shop online, who cares about colour?" - we care as long as we wear, live and enjoy life as humans, most of us use our sight to judge pretty much everything with a first visual impression. Of course, many times like now, on a screen where colours are mixed with lht and RGB to make "full colour" impression in our perception, like in movies, social media accounts, websites we like to browse, but it finally comes back to you, when you consume the colour in the end, its IRL.

My colleague Christine Foden, a colour specialist, had a wonderful thought around why Yellow is the key to the Gen Z's, they are the sunshine generation, with parents who adores them and gave them everything - on the other hand yellow is also a safety colour, it represents rules, no entry tape, Gen Z will disregard rules, it is the future. It might be the colour of protest too.

Through the social media that has formed the daily lives of the Millenials, the opportunities are so waste to them, endless amount of choices, so it is like comfort to belong to something, at least share a colour to brand the Millenials. This Spring/Summer we will see a massive amount of yellows across the globe, in design, communication, food, everywhere.. it already started. Either you stick to the Millenials pinks or you choose a brighter yellow to make yourself seen.

If pink was the new black, watch out for yellow, genderless, ageless, bright even in the dark, Summer 18 will become the Summer we remember as yellow, with or without sunshine!

/Louise Klarsten

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