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Farnsworth-Munsell 100 Hue

Scoring Software only.

The Farnsworth-Munsell Hue Test Scoring Software expedites and simplifies scoring of the FM 100 Hue Test and provides a powerful set of analytical and administrative tools.
2,540.00 SEK

Farnsworth-Munsell 100 HueTest

The FM100 Hue Test is an easy-to-administer test and a highly effective method for measuring an individual's color vision.

Used by industry for over 40 years, the test is used to evaluate and rank color acuity.

This portable, 15-minute test analyzes how accurately you see color. The easy-to-use scoring software indicates where you have a color vision deficiency such as color blindness.
8,210.00 SEK

Farnsworth-Munsell D-15 Test

An abridged version of the 100 hue test for screening color vision defects only. Intended for the detection of color vision defects such as red-green and blue-yellow deficiencies as opposed to color acuity. The test consists of a reference cap and 15 removable chips of incremental hue variation. Instruction and score sheet included.
2,320.00 SEK

Munsell Book Color Glossy Coll

The Glossy Collection is the "master atlas" of Munsell Color.
10,310.00 SEK

Munsell Book Color Matte Coll

The Matte book of color includes a complete range of colors creating a physical model of the Munsell Color Space.
10,310.00 SEK

Munsell Book Nearly Neutrals

The Munsell Books of Color are color reference guides used for color selection and communication. Available in a variety of finishes, these color collections serve a wide range of applications including art and design, package/product design, color specification and color quality control. The Nearly Neutrals Collection features over 1,100 pastel colors and is ideal for projects that require neutral, subtle colors.
10,310.00 SEK

Munsell Color Tree

The Munsell Color Tree is a three-dimensional model that helps visually explain the Munsell color space. It features 309 colors mounted on clear panels and assembled on a base. This allows you to spin the tree and see the relationships between the colors.
3,830.00 SEK

Munsell Hue Value ChromaPoster

The Munsell System at a glance, this poster-sized 173 x 64cm(25" x 38") wall chart displays the Munsell System- featuring the 10-step hue circle, 8-step grey scale, and 6-step red chroma scaled- for all trainees and staff to see.
845.00 SEK

Munsell Interactive Learning

The Fundamentals of Color Interactive Student Set makes color come alive.
1,125.00 SEK

Munsell Soil Colour Book

The book is set up to allow users to make soil color evaluations in the field quickly and easily.
2,300.00 SEK

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