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Invitation SS 2022 event

Broadcast focus fashion|accessories|sports| interior| product design| beauty| macro trends| communication

Welcome back to NEXT TREND Studio, in our 2nd season with live broadcast from a TV-studio on three occasions, the same seminar with access to all dates if you wish. In times of COVID-19, the need for adapted professional forecasting analysis is needed more than ever. We are thrilled to continue to offer the new format, broadcasting from Next Trend Studio Spring-Summer 22 season. Next Trend seminar with 4 highly professional international independent forecasters on stage. Four points of view exclusively produced presentations including inspirational films, conceptual stories, colours and design ideas that will help you prepare the new consumer landscape of Spring-Summer 2022. We welcome DAVID R SHAH (NL), TONY BANNISTER (AU/GB), SHARON GRAUBARD (US) and AMBRE VENISSAC (FR) to a super fruitful 1/2 day broadcast event dedicated designers, product managers, range planners, buyers, consumer insight researchers, retail managers, communicators and all of you with a futuristic mindset!

26 Nov + 8 Dec + 19 Jan boost your design teams:

Book your accesses below to the design seminar of the season in the ONLINE live broadcasted event from Next Trend Studio: 26 Nov, broadcasting at 12.30 - 17.00 CET. Half a day of inspiration on colour, trend, design, lifestyle and consumer shifts for women, men, kids,  accessories, sports, beauty, interior, and product design. Same seminar broadcasted again 8 Dec and 19 Jan - all dates included.  Seminar in English. Select Single-use x how many you need or Unlimited access (up to 100*) below, welcome!  We broadcast in HLS streaming protocol, works for both Mac and PC.  

AGENDA schedule

12.30 Welcome to Next Trend Studio live broadcast with host Louise Klarsten
12.35 Ambre Venissac, CARLIN Creative, Paris
13.10 Tony Bannister, SCOUT, Sydney/London
14.00 - Mini-break where we demo new colour products from the Studio
14.10 Sharon Graubard, MINTMODA, New York
15.00 - Coffe break 25 min where we demo products trend services from the Studio
15.25 David R Shah, VIEW PUBLICATIONS, Amsterdam
16.45 Next Trend Studio round up talks
17.00 The End


Single View Access 1.950 *
Unlimited View company (up to 100 attendees) access 39.000 *

* Trend clients VIP prices: ColourHouse Trend clients SS 22 enjoys special discounts for all attendees from same company when you sign up for trend books ref our regular speakers of Next Trend. Please contact for more details and discount code.

Students & Friends between jobs, for special prices, please contact for discount code



We curate our Next Trend day in an exciting mix of trend forecasters and speakers, who give their different point of views on the future range and communication strategy and why. As an attendee, you are given an excellent chance to digest and filter into your perspective and needs. All publications & online services published from our speakers to be found on


Ambre Venissac, Carlin Creative, Paris

Welcoming for the first time, Ambre Venissac, Project Manager, from Carlin Creative Trend Bureau at Next Trend event!  

Read more about Carlin Creative


Tony Bannister, Scout forecasting,  Sydney/London

Welcoming Tony Bannister, with his commercial point of view on Colour and Style Men/Women/Youth/Kids and Lifestyle, Home 

Read more about Scout Forecasting


Sharon Graubard, Mintmoda, New York

Welcoming Sharon Graubard, the catwalk, style and concept specialist presenting Women, with a touch of Men. 

Learn more about Mintmoda


David R Shah, View publications, Amsterdam

Welcoming David R Shah, on stage since over 20 years and keynote speaker from all over the world, interpretation the sign of the times and what it means to fashion and consumer goods business, from a company, brand and consumer perspective. Perhaps one of our best interpreters of what the future will be like. After multiple pandemic speeches, David R Shah wants to take us beyond, what the future will be like 2022 onwards. 

Learn more about View Publications

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Next Trend online 1 access

Next Trend Online 1 access SS 2022 event to 1 person access * 26 November + 8 December + 19 January. We are proud, despite covid-19, to be able to produce and broadcast Next Trend online live event this season too, in collaboration with our forecast partners.

1 PERSON ACCESS* Welcome to order extra access: either Single access or Unlimited for your company.

Payment due prior the event to secure access.
1,950.00 SEK

Next Trend online Group 100

Next Trend Online Company Group access* per company SS 2022 event

We are proud, despite covid-19, to be able to produce and broadcast Next Trend, in collaboration with our forecast partners, also this season.

Bring your teams together for an inhouse event, or participate from home, or both.

Group Access (*up to 100 attendees for use per company, you may add extra users at a small cost/person) for your inhouse team, from where you are/home/office or both. We grant access to everyone you confirm to participate. Incl all dates: 26 November + 8 December + 19 January (same event x three) for maximal service.

Payment due prior the event to secure access.
39,000.00 SEK

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