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Retail, Colour Trend and Product range seminar dedicated AW 21-22

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We adapt & proudly launch the NEXT TREND STUDIO where we broadcast on three occasions the same seminar and you are free to access all dates if you wish. In times of COVID-19, the need for adapted professional forecasting analysis is needed more than ever. We are thrilled to offer a new format, we will broadcast from Next Trend Studio Autumn Winter 2021-22 On the Edge seminar. Welcome to Next Trend seminar with 3 highly professional international forecasters on stage. Three points of view exclusively produced presentations including inspirational films, conceptual stories, colours and design ideas that will help you prepare the new consumer landscape of autumn/winter 2021-22. We welcome Tony Bannister (AU/GB), Christine Foden (GB) and Jenna Guarascio (US) + Lilly Berelovich (NEW) + Michael Fisher (NEW) to a super fruitful 1/2 day event dedicated designers, product managers, ranger planners, buyers, consumer insight researchers, retail managers, communicators and all of you with a futuristic mindset!


Book your accesses below to the design seminar of the season in the ONLINE live broadcasted event from Next Trend Studio: 11 Aug, broadcasting at 13.00 - 17.00 CET. Half a day of inspiration on colour, trend, design, lifestyle and consumer shifts for women, men, kids,  accessories, sports, beauty, interior, and product design. Seminar in English. Select Single-use x how many you need or Unlimited access below, welcome!  We broadcast in HLS streaming protocol, works for both Mac and PC.  

AGENDA schedule

13.00 Welcome to Next Trend Studio live broadcast with host Louise Klarsten
13.05 Tony Bannister, SCOUT
14.05 Christine Foden, D.CIPHERFM
14.55 Coffee break we continue to broadcast from Next Trend Studio
15.15 Lilly Berelovich, Michael Fisher, Jenna Guarascio, FASHION SNOOPS trend immersive part I.
15.55 5 min pause
16.00 Lilly Berelovich, Michael Fisher, Jenna Guarascio, FASHION SNOOPS trend immersive part II.
16.45 Next Trend Studio
17.00 The End


Single View Access 1.950 *
Unlimited View company access 39.000 *

* Trendservice client VIP prices AW 21-22 pay:

Single View Access 1.450
Unlimited View company access 25.000

Trend clients AW21-22 special prices when you sign up for trend books ref our regular speakers of Next Trend. 



Extended speaker list:

Our speakers give their different point of views on the future range and communication strategy and why. As an attendee, you are given an excellent chance to digest and filter into your perspective and needs. All publications & online services published from our speakers to be found on



Lilly Berelovich, Michael Fisher and Jenna Guarascio from Fashion Snoops, New York Trend Immersion

Welcoming Strategy Director Jenna Guarascio with Michael Fisher (VP Creative Director) and Lilly Berelovich (founder, Creative Director) presenting across all business areas Cultural shifts, Macro Trends and Design Aesthetics that will challenge our minds, -" in Confront zone, preparedness becomes the antidote to anxiety, what this might mean to luxury and adaptive essentialism is part of the solution". From a helicopter perspective, down to product design in each area of Fashion| Youth + Kids| Accessories|Beauty|Sports|Interior|Culture - The team will bring clarity to where design is heading and why.  Read more about Fashion Snoops



Christine Foden Macleary, d.cipherfm, London

Learn more what those emerging trends mean to design; Future Prophets, Waste Species, Astenousphere, Human Nature and Spiritualized, as the drivers of the season. Continuing to reflect on our changing world,  balancing science and nature. Clinical mixes with function, decay and organic beauty. Colour play in fresh new constellations, where textures play an important role. Colours may be bold and fun, inspired by food, community encounter or part of detoxification. Confusing? Christine Foden will clear your vision with her excellent way of building colour waves and stories to be believed. D.cipherfm

Tony Bannister, SCOUT, Sydney

Scout' creative director and founder Tony Bannister is back to present the new season: Planet Matters, Life Matters - our planet is trying to talk to us. Trend stories Weathered, Back to Earth, Forest Dawning and Lust for Life will explain the shift in consumer behaviour and visualise in colours, materials and style. Covering Mens/Womens/Casual/Kids and Interior lifestyle, with clarity on colour, product and style much appreciated by the Scandinavian brands and retailers. Be prepared for a serious season where confrontation and beauty will merge into something new and exciting. Learn more about Scout here


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Next Trend online event 1 access

Next Trend Online 1 access AW 21-22 event to 1 person access * 26 May + 16 June + 11 Aug. We are proud, despite covid-19, to be able to produce and broadcast Next Trend online live event this season, in collaboration with our forecast partners.

1 PERSON ACCESS* Welcome to order extra access: either Single access or Unlimited for your company.

Payment due prior the event to secure access.
1,950.00 SEK

Next Trend Online Unlimited access per company AW 21-22 event

Next Trend Online Unlimited access per company AW 21-22 event

Unlimited access * for your inhouse team, from where you are/home/office or both. We grant access to everyone you confirm to participate. Incl all dates: 26 May + 16 June + 11 Aug (same event x three)ffor maximal service.

We are proud, despite covid-19,
to be able to produce and broadcast Next Trend this season in
collaboration with our forecast partners.

* Unlimited access for inhouse use per company.
Bring your teams together for an inhouse event, or
participate from home, or both. Each person granted access.

Payment due prior the event to secure access.
39,000.00 SEK

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