FHI Cotton TCX


Pantone's textile color system has two variants TCX - Textil Cotton X and TPG - Textil Paper Green, both have 2310 colours, but in TCX they are coloured in cotton and in TPG it is on paper. All colors have a 6-digit code and a name, to easily derive, order and communicate. These systems are intended for work with textiles and products, from design to production.

Keep in mind that colour is a living substance, which changes with time, humidity, light and other external influences, which means that regardless of whether you have, for example, production office that has a similar product, the colour may look different and thus the final result will not be as intended. Therefore, always use new colour samples for your production units, so they have a correct "referens" for dyeing - significantly cheaper and save a lot of time.

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Cotton Passport 2310 TCX

Cotton Passport features the complete Fashion, Home + Interior TCX Colour System – including all 2310 TCX colours - in a new chromatic arrangement since 210 new colours were launched in 2015.
5,450.00 SEK

Cotton Planner 2310 TCX

2,310 market-driven fashion, home and interiors colours in a single, convenient desktop volume.

Cotton Planner features the complete PANTONE Fashion + Home TCX Colour System in a new chromatic arrangement designed for quick colour decisions and easy colour lookup.
8,950.00 SEK

Cotton Chip Set 2310 TCX

Cotton Chip Set TCX - Compact, affordable desktop creativity for fashion, home and interior design.
18,950.00 SEK

Cotton Swatch Library 2310 TCX INCL POLYESTER BINDER

Save 7.950 SEK - Master system of all 2.310 cotton TCX colours available in Pantone system. Special offer: Pantone Polyester Swatch Book included for free with the 203 new polyester colours at a value of 7.950SEK. Valid until 30 Sep 2019.

Pantone's Cotton Swatch Library is composed of seven durable swatchbooks with 2.310 cotton colours + now you get 1 more book including the TSX polyester colours launched 2018.
67,950.00 SEK

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