Terms and Conditions

All prices are in SEK excl. VAT, postage, admin fee and possible entry/custom costs when delivered to non-EU countries (not charged by Colorhouse). Invoice will be sent at the date of shipment and is subjected to Reverse Charge, if applicable in the country of the recipient.

Shipping, handling & insurance; 5% of product value, min 150sek max 520sek, exceptions;
a) Magazine subscriptions; postage in EU is included.
b) Supplies from the EU to non-EU; applies 520sek per delivery, up to 3kg.
c) Products on stock in Gothenburg; 75sek per delivery, max 3kg (visible when ordering in the webshop)
Postage is charged per product, but assessed jointly by delivery date, also applies when delivered from different warehouses. There are no shipping charges for residual supply, which are sent by ordinary mail. Reservation for possibly improperly specified prices and price changes beyond our control. See order confirmation.

Currency Adjustment
Due to the fluctuating Swedish krona currency adjustments applicable to our prices. This adjustment corrected in accordance with the development of the Swedish krona. For current currency adjustment see below.

Currency add: 0%

Payment Terms
Renewals of all subscriptions
Pre-payment applies.
Subscription of magazine as well as Online service
Unless otherwise agreed, the running subscription must be in written (e-mail approved after response from ColourHouse) terminated by subscriber no later than 3 months before the end of the contract period, or it will be renewed with same period as last agreed. When subscribing to FS White Space, these Terms and Conditions apply as well as Fashion Snoops Inc;
All other products
Approved credit-worthy companies/persons normally invoiced net 30 days. For non-creditapproved firms/individuals is order/paying thru the webshop recommended. Business Check is our partner in credit rating.
Consultancy and views normally billed 10 days net.
Payment Reminder
After due date, each reminder will be charged with a extra fee of 60sec per reminder.
Charged by law after due date with swedish reference rate + 8%.

SVEA EKONOMI AB is our partner for non-received payment.

Conditions change
We have the right to unilaterally amend these General Terms and any changes we make will enter into force no earlier than 30 days after the revised terms have been made available on our site

For orders in our shop, it is important for the delivery and payment procedures that you always use your personal log-in. We are not responsible for incorrect deliveries and invoicing practices when use of another's data. Personal log-in, created easily and quickly via the webshop. We reserve the right to correct incorrect contact, delivery, invoice, etc. information if we discover them. Please note that orders received by mail and must be handled manually, are charged with 300 sek per occasion. 

Order confirmation
All orders are confirmed via e-mail to the customer, either directly from the webshop or through a manual order confirmation, usually the same day. The order confirmation indicated number, price, and what product / version that has been ordered. Have not an order confirmation received within 24 hours - please contact us.

A. Deliveries from stock normally same day on orders received before 12:00. Orders received later than 12:00 are normally shipped next working day. Delivery normally by Post DPD unless otherwise agreed. Reservation for out of stock.
B. Trend Books, magazines; if not specified on your order, we deliver the latest published edition. Trend Books are normally sent directly from the each publisher with courier. Magazine normally shipped from central warehouse in Germany by parcel post. Reservation for out of stock.
C. Colour swatches: delivery using express service from central warehouse in Germany and England (2-3 days delivertime), normally same day on orders received before 12:00, orders received later than 12:00 are shipped next working day, reservation for out of stock. For manually orders (not thru ColourShop) there is a order fee of 300 SEK.

Customer is responsible for checking that the supplied colour swatches consistent with their own reference material.

Any changes and information about color variations can be found under each product on our website


Billing address and shipping address

Normally company Invoice address and Delivery address is different from each other. A box has normally a different zip code than the street address and ZIP code errors leads to delivery will not be executed and the product is returned to sender. Since a majority of our deliveries are made by courier service, please be sure to fill in the correct street address and the zip code for the street and the correct address and the zip code for mail deliveries. If you are previously registered and log in with the password, the correct addresses (billing address and shipping address) are proposed. If we find errors that prevent goods  and invoice deliveries, we will try to be helpful with correction in your profile.


Cancellation Policy for bespoke customer assignment
Cancellation more than 90 days before the delivery date:
Customer pays 10% of the total cost plus the cost of any non-cancellation expenses such as Hotels, local, travel expenses, etc.
Cancellation 90-61 days before the delivery date:
Customer pays 33% of the total cost plus the cost of any non-cancellation expenses such as Hotels, local, travel expenses, etc.
Cancellation 60-31 days before the delivery date:
Customer pays 66% of the total cost plus the cost of any non-cancellation expenses such as Hotels, local, travel expenses, etc.
Cancellation 30-0 days before the delivery date:
Customer pays 90% of the total cost plus the cost of any non-cancellation expenses such as Hotels, local, travel expenses, etc.

All ordered goods belong to ColourHouse Scandinavia AB / mode...information Scandinavia until full payment has been received. The buyer is responsible for delivered goods is handled in such a way that the reservation can be met. Regarding exempt goods under the heading "Return policy", can it only be returned by prior approval, in other cases, the full payment must be paid.

The supplied material is intended to be used as inspirational material of the buyer, disposition or use of material from other party must be approved in writing by the author or can in some cases be approved by ColourHouse Scandinavia AB. Schools, agency business and related activities, should ensure that only students and members get access to the material supplied. Unless otherwise noted, the right to copy and commercial use of photographs, drawings and other material are reserved to respective authors. Copying, reproduction or other direct use of the material, requires authorization by the respective copyright holder.

ColorHouse only saves information about companies and its employees that are necessary to fulfill our part of the assignment, such as name, email address, phone number, invoice, and delivery address. The information is never disclosed to third parties, and you may request any information stored on you at any time, and ask us to delete it at any time, contact

Return policy
Trend material, colour swatches and colour systems can not be returned due to the nature and color security risk.

Claim regarding faulty packaging, product defects or freight damage, shall in writing be confirmed to us within 3 days after delivery. We do not pay returned goods upon delivery term. Risks related to shipment are at the expense of the customer. Claim regarding missing subscription of Magazine, must in writing be confirmed to us, within one month from release date.

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We reserve the right to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions and to change or update information at any time without prior notice.