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Cotton Swatch Library 2310 TCX

In May 2019, 1 Capsure Bluetooth containing Pantone's color library is included for a value of 6,550 sek, when you buy a Pantone Cotton Swatch Library!

2,310 market proven colors covering a broad range of shades in every color family are cleverly displayed to improve visualization and palette organization. Pantone's Cotton Swatch Library is composed of seven durable volumes, to protect your investment while enhancing your design studio.
67,500.00 SEK

Metallic Guide Set

SPECIAL PRICE as far as stock lasts - Two portable, handheld fan decks with spot colors and their corresponding ink formulations. The Metallic Guide Set includes Pantone Metallics and Premium Metallics guides with over 600 colours. Use this set for branding, packaging, marketing materials, and signage when distinctive, high-quality and luxurious design details are required.
1,495.00 SEK
Special price
1,000.00 SEK

Textile Report

Start a subscription today and get two issue extra for free! 4 issues/year. Extensive trend information for the whole textile and fashion market, published in the run-up to the fabric and yarn fairs, with special focus on Young women's wear, street fashion, designer collections, trade fair reports, colour and styling trends including fabrics and print designs.
2,920.00 SEK


Start a subscription today and get one issue of each titel extra for free! Subscription 6 issues/year. Combination of 2 titles signed by David Shah. Trend forecast for the respectively four upcoming seasons concerning colors, materials, design and styling for women’s, men’s and children’s wear, including street and retail reports, reports on merchandising, as well as analysis of consumer behaviour and its influence on fabric and fashion trends. Bi-annual specials about colour and design trends for yarns and knitwear, colour and design trends for yarns. Two additional issues (View2) per year, dealing exclusively with casual, sports and jeans wear.
2,980.00 SEK

The Third Eye Sports & Street

16,100 SEK DISCOUNTED Start a subscription with 2 editions and get current season extra + 7.5% discount on 1 year subscription, a total of 3 editions for 25,900 sek. The discount value is 16,100 sek.

Add your order now to the "Shopping Cart" and note in "Message" that you want a "December Campaign Subscription".

Autumn/Winter 2020-21, The Third Eye is a trendbook for the Sports & Active markets. The forecast is divided into three Macro-themes.At the beginning of each Macro-theme, you will find an introduction, which serves to explain the socio-cultural, economic, or ecological background, as well as the consequences for the active industry. The three Micro-themes that follow represent reactions to the Macrotheme, and are each accompanied by mood and concept images.
14,000.00 SEK

Pantone View Colour Planner

9,890 SEK DISCOUNTED Start a subscription, with 2 editions and get current season extra + 7.5% discount on 1 year subscription, a total of 3 editions for 15,910 sec. The discount value is 9,890 sec.

Add your order now to the "Shopping Cart" and note in "Message" that you want a "December Campaign Subscription".

Autumn/Winter 2020-21, Cross-industry forecast from the experts at Pantone Color Institute and View Publications. Colour chart for fashion (men's, women's, active), interiors, cosmetics and industrial design. Colours by trend themes with pointers on applicable areas. General colour chart. Original PANTONE® for fashion and home colour samples.
8,600.00 SEK

Viewpoint Colour

Viewpoint Colour, a professional magazine dedicated to colour within design, product development and range strategy. Colour and design trends with 6-18 months strategic foresight. Pantone references for easy translations. Published 2/year. Publisher David Shah, creative team FranklinTill.
1,645.00 SEK

View Textile Magazin digital

Prenumeration 4/år
1,900.00 SEK

Viewpoint Design

Viewpoint Design Magazine, where design trends are explored and presented in creative, inspirational ways, balancing the new and next with sensible consumer insights. A must for designers, range managers, futurists and communicators. Published 2/year. Publisher David Shah. Creative team FranklinTill.
1,645.00 SEK

NEXT Interior Trend

Spring/Summer 2020 published. The Interior Guide that provides a clear overview of the strongest colour trends. A tool that quickly gives you as a designer, buyer and manufacturer in the interior industry access to the key trends and how you can apply them to your own products.

Add a colour swatchpack incl all 32 colours from the season in Pantone TCX swatches 1/4 smart cards below.
4,950.00 SEK
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