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Research Analyze Understand Curate - these are the key aspects of understanding where lifestyle movements are heading. Outdoor living, home staging, noos, sustainable, escapism, new normal, upgrading, downsizing, collaborative, human, transeasonal, non-seasonal, artful, cosy, dressing up/down, fashion, key colours, no colours, interior, exterior, recycled, decor, beauty, decadent, responsible, glamourous, athletic, indulgence, health, seamless, craftmanship, solutions; are some of the aspects consumer goods, lifestyle brands, retail and e-commerce tackle. Our 1/2 day of reporting consumer and design shifts will give you and your team direction and insights into fashion,  accessories, beauty, interior, industrial design industries. We still call it season autumn/winter 22-23, preferences in colour & style are constantly emerging, emerging trends are the process we use to describe our times. Welcome to join our third live broadcast season from the Next Trend Studio!

Dates: 20 May + 16 June + 17 August

The access tickets to Next Trend Studio live broadcast includes all three dates for your convenience and best planning, something our attendees in the past two seasons have appreciated. Inhouse team of production offices have been able to join, as well as inhouse design teams working remotely. 

Agenda CET 12.30-17.00 (ca)

12.30 Welcome by host Louise Klarsten
12.35 OvN Oltmans van Niekerk Delft The Netherlands
13.25 A+A Design studio Milan
14.15 5 min
14.20 D.cipherfm London
15.10 Coffee break and presentation of forecast services from the Studio
15.35 Fashion Snoops New York
16.40 Round up Talks in the Studio with all Speakers and Host
17.00 The End

Boost your design teams:

Each attendee will have their own access code, for easy access from home, office or elsewhere. We offer Single Access tickets or Group Access up to 100 attendees included, scroll down for options to put in your shopping cart. Our online broadcast event last 12.30 - 17.00 CET, we include a small coffee break. We broadcast in HLS streaming protocol, works for both Mac and PC. Seminar in English.

Prices SEK

Single View access 1.950*
Unlimited View Company access 39.000* (incl. up to 100 attendees with personal access codes)

VIP clients trend AW2022-23: ColourHouse' trend clients enjoy special discounts for all attendees from the same company when you sign up for trend books of our regular speakers of Next Trend. Please contact us for more details and discount codes.
Students & ColourHouse Friends between jobs: for special discount code, please contact us here: 



We curate our Next Trend day in an exciting mix of trend forecasters and speakers, who give their different points of view on the future range and communication strategy and why. As an attendee, you are given an excellent chance to digest and filter into your perspective and needs. All publications & online services published from our speakers to be found on


TITLE: ADAPT PATCHWORKING PRINCIPLES. The season will see us continuing on a course of action that accelerates our responses to the pessimism that hung ominously over our futures and switch up into positive action. As creatives to offer entertainment and enlightenment through design and by then we will be able to progress forward with enhanced vigour, crafting together a virtuous patchwork of principles to follow the consumer needs. Patchworking will turn into an expression of planned harmonising of creative responses and future needs. Christine Foden, D.CHIPHER FM, London. A colourist building unique stories for fashion and lifestyle brands, with the characteristic witty style and tints of British humour. Read more about the D.cipherfm brand and range here 

TITLE: FW 22/23 Cultural Sentiments + Design Aesthetics. Join the FS team as they break down what you need to know for FW 22/23, and connect the dots from cultural sentiments and design aesthetics to the most important themes for the season. With an emphasis on storytelling, consumer shifts and expectations, and color usage, the FS heart-led approach to trend forecasting will open up your mind to a world of possibilities for your creative journey in the seasons ahead. Jenna Guarascio, Michael Fisher, Lilly Berelovich, FASHION SNOOPS, New York. The online forecasting platform with a creative mindset that feeds markets from macro to micro-level on Fashion Accessories Beauty Home brands in their signature way of exploring consumer insights and what it means to brands and product development. Read more about here

TITLE: BREAKING THE CODES. The vision and values of our future are blurred while planning next years collections. The vibrancy and fleeting allure of these unpredicted challenges prove seductive for a generation of consumers who seek to be creative and give expression to the pulse of this new life in all its nuanced richness. A new virility among Zoomers and Millenials. A world in which the traditional codes evolve and integrate with new aesthetics that is open to integration, contamination and fluidity. It is about affirmation, desire to be seen, expressing yourself, leaving one's comfort zone, transforming one passion into an outstanding creation. Alejandro Espinosa Caballero & Alberto Costabello A+A DESIGN STUDIO, Milan. Naming season 23.1, the presentation is uniquely produced for Next Trend studio. The professional & international team of the design studio creates and offer Scandinavia the well known A+A trend forecast publications incl bespoke colours, materials in carefully curated stories. Alberto is back @ Next Trend which we are so happy for and Alejandro is the creative director, new to the Next Trend audience, welcome! Read more about A+A here


TITLE: VALUING THE FUTURE "We have to learn to love the future again; see it as a new and exciting concept." The year 2023 will be a period of rebuilding society, block by block. We have to shape the world based on new values. It is time for a master plan and action to ensure that fresh ideas are implemented. For lasting impact, it is essential to activate change on every level. The four drivers of change we will be presenting are Nature First; Empowerment; Universal Healing and Decentralised World. We will zoom in from macro trends and future consumer insight to product ideas and CMF. Els van Niekerk + Liesbeth Oltmans, OVN, Delft The Netherlands. OvN Design studio is situated by the canals in Delft. With a sensible mind, the creative directors of OvN analyse society, consumer shifts and publish two annual studies in book and digital formats, from Vision to Colour flow including CMF analysis. We welcome back OvN as speakers @ Next Trend. Read more about OVN here

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Next Trend Online 1 access aw 2022-23 event to 1 person access on:
May 20, June 16 & August 17.

We are proud, to be able to produce and broadcast Next Trend online live event this season too, in collaboration with our forecast partners. This will be an inspiring couple of hours!

1 PERSON ACCESS* Welcome to order extra access: either Single access or Unlimited for your company.

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We are proud to be able to produce and broadcast Next Trend again, in collaboration with our forecast partners, also this season.

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Group Access (*up to 100 attendees for use per company, you may add extra users at a small cost/person) for your inhouse team, from where you are/home/office or both. We grant access to everyone you confirm to participate.

Payment due prior the event to secure access.
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