Pippi Longstocking 75 years

Pantone + Pippi  Longstocking Orange in celebration of Pippi 75 years

Pippi has given us so much joy! We love and admire her strong character, an independent girl, living alone in her villa with her animals, mother in heaven and father on the sea.

Color as an attribute is by far one of the stronge...

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A+A webinar II, 19 May

Alberto Costabello, A+A forecast studio

welcome you to join webinar II with influences of AW2122. A+A and Alberto are loved for their genuine handcrafted professional trend forecasting books including a wealth of sourced materials (important when nobody can travel) and dyed colour swatches + digita...

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Making Sustainability the New Normal

 Sustainable Invitation 14 May


Fashion Snoops + Textpertise Network by Messe Frankfurt


Thursday 14 May at 18.00 CET (Central European time)


Design strategies:


Why Sustainability is important NOW


More speakers will be added. Join the free seminar discussions by signing up on this link:

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RESTORATION ‘The Road to Recovery’

David R Shah 

David R Shah, View Publications, webinar 12 May at 15.00

To many of our clients and View publication lovers, David R Shah is a well known and loved speaker at Next Trend Seminars annually. Here on a specific subject that is puzzling to everyone in today's fashion & design industry "R...

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Dcipher-ed from Christine Foden


Christine Foden with D.cipherfm colour & trend studio in London, offers trend insights to look out for as an introduction to the AW21-22 season.  

Dcipher-ed Spiritual Patterns

D.cipherfm produce following Colour & Trend forecasts twice a year: ACTIVATE (unisex), WOMEN, MEN. AW 21-22 all available and we are happy...

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Youth 2022 in post pandemic era

David R Shah Youth webinar 29 April

Listen to David R Shah on April 29, at 16.00 (CET) discussing present consumer situation + an introduction to Youth trends from YOUTH by Trendhouse trend forecast 2022 edition, where imagined a post-pandemic situation.

Access for free to the Zoom webinar here ht...

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A+A webinar

A+A webinar 22 april 

A+A webinar 22 april


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Menswear Trends AW21-22 at ColourHouse

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Pantone TPG paper 2625 New edition

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Womenswear Trends AW21-22 at ColourHouse

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