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Featured products

Formula Guide C & U

Pantone⋅Matching System, two-guide set with 1,867 colors.
Includes all 112 new Pantone colours from 2016 printed on both coated and uncoated paper.
1,350.00 SEK

Geometric Textures Fashion vol 2

From publisher Arkivia.
Geometric Textures for Fashion Vol.2 is a book that contains 300 drawings and 59 pallets ready and free to use.
Geometric designs presented with its color palette.
DVD included with 300 designs + 59 pallets in 5 different sizes ( from 8 illustrator , Coreldraw 10 , from 9 Freehand , Photoshop all versions ) for Windows and Mac.
1,130.00 SEK

NEXT Interior Trend

Spring/Summer 2018.
The Guide that provides a clear overview of the strongest trends. A tool that quickly gives you as a designer, buyer and manufacturer in the interior industry access to the key trends and how you can apply them to your own products.
4,450.00 SEK

Ortospectra OS60-4

Middle sized lightbooth with 4 light sources.
Standard light sources for all Largo light booths:
D: Daylight D6500 (D65) (can be replaced by D50/D75 if prefered)
X: Fluorescent light TL84
A: CIE Illuminant A A2850K (can be switched to CWF if prefered)
UV: Ultraviolet
10,900.00 SEK

Paper Guide 2310 TPG

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Pantone Fashion Home + Interiors
New eco-friendly PANTONE Color Formulas – now in an easier-to-use and store format!

This new edition of the Color Guide presents the existing 2,310 FASHION, HOME + INTERIORS Colors created from new, more Earth-friendly formulations and an accompanying new PANTONE Color Number suffix, TPG (Textile Paper – “Green”). The colorant combinations have been modified to remove all lead pigments and chromium, while maintaining the same color integrity as the previous versions that featured the TPX suffix.Reformulating the colors in this product to make them more eco-friendly has allowed us to meet compliance standards in European countries and other parts of the world.
1,790.00 SEK

RAL Design Fan 1625 clrs semi

RAL DESIGN SYSTEM - The CIELab-based colour system

The RAL DESIGN system provides 1,625 colours arranged according to hue (H), lightness (L) and chroma (C).
1,110.00 SEK


New! Viewpoint magazine extends from 2 to 4 issues per year, Viewpoint Design and Viewpoint Colour each second issue. The drivers behind the change of Design and Colour in consumer design and communication are fully explored. Content with focus on reports and features on medium- and long-term developments of target groups, future markets, product, design and sales strategies. Deep going analysis of consumer behavior, socio-economic developments, cultural trends and lifestyle together with imaginative conclusions and proposals for new product and marketing strategies. An information complex and rich of orientations, for decision-makers in the fields of textile, fashion, architecture, interior and industrial design as well as for the primary industries, cosmetics, services, media and marketing.
2,890.00 SEK

Planner Update 210 TCX

Ideal for quick color decisions
· Features our 210 new fashion driven colors in 100% cotton chip format
· Color family arrangement takes the guesswork out of finding that special shade
· 210 color supplement fits into current PANTONE FASHION, HOME + INTERIORS cotton planner publications
1,200.00 SEK
Special price until 28 February 2017
850.00 SEK

Passport Update 210 TCX

All 210 new color card fits easily into current PANTONE cotton passport. For those on the move, compact cotton reference is your ticket to a world of color
1,050.00 SEK
Special price until 28 February 2017
750.00 SEK

Passport Cotton 2310 TCX

Cotton Passport features the complete Fashion, Home + Interior TCX Colour System – including all 2310 TCX colours - in a new chromatic arrangement since 210 new colours were launched in 2015.
4,900.00 SEK
Special price until 27 February 2017
3,920.00 SEK

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