We offer colour systems, colour samples, trend reports, seminars, design magazines, graphic print books to inspire and secure right colour and design expression is realized in your next collection in fashion, interior, product design. Our partners and clients are global companies and brands, within consumer goods, contract market, no matter you are present online, retail or omni. Would you like to know more? Welcome to contact us!

Featured products

Passport Update 210 TCX

All 210 new color card fits easily into current PANTONE cotton passport. For those on the move, compact cotton reference is your ticket to a world of color
1,050.00 SEK

Planner Update 210 TCX

Ideal for quick color decisions
· Features our 210 new fashion driven colors in 100% cotton chip format
· Color family arrangement takes the guesswork out of finding that special shade
· 210 color supplement fits into current PANTONE FASHION, HOME + INTERIORS cotton planner publications
1,200.00 SEK

Update Paper Guide 210 TPG

Color Specifier Supplement with 210 new Pantone Fashion Home+Interiors colours
440.00 SEK

Update Paper Set 210 TPG

Color Specifier and Guide Supplements with all 210 new TPG colours from Pantone Fashion, Home + Interiors system.
1,150.00 SEK

Update PaperSpecifier 210 TPG

Pantone Color Specifier Supplement with all 210 new Pantone Fashion, Home + Interior colours.
⋅Set includes six-tear-out chips of each color
⋅More eco-friendly formulations indicated by TPG color suffix
820.00 SEK

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