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Abstract Checks Text. vol 1

The world of Tartan and various Checks comes back into fashion. However, something new needs to be done if possible. My research tries to combine this classic world with new patterns.
First, de-structuring and then re-assembling these geometries in a different way, overlapping or breaking lines, moving or dirting with other images or colours. No rules or restrictions but in the freedom of abstraction.
This style is linked to my research on the GRUNGE GEOMETRIC TEXTURES project, but unlike this, I would like to add to the fragmentation of the lines, also that of structures and colours, creating new atmospheres resulting from these processes.
Our eyes now no longer see what we always look at if there are no discontinuity elements from the ordinary. But will they be equally pleasing to look at as the old habitual schemes? Taste changes and evolves over time and perhaps this will happen.
1 415,00 SEK

Country Look Vol. 1

Klassisk vintage bok med fokus på jakt, fiske, ridning och naturen.
1 415,00 SEK

Pattern Workbook vol. 3

The design-book series “Pattern Workbook“ focuses on essential patterns for designers and creatives. This includes design sets, precisely constructed patterns, accurate repeatand colour details. The “Floral Patterns“ in this Pattern Workbook will suit your requirements on modern and timeless geometric style designs very well. Floral patterns used to be associated with summer dresses and wallpaper – meanwhile we find them on all items of fashion and accessories and all their styles. Floral patterns are omnipresent in interior- and textile design. Not only wallpapers show up floral …

You can use these patterns for all kind of purposes: besides fashion and beauty, for interior design, for wallpaper and gift wrapping, for stationery and the complete range of home- and household textiles – and why not as web backgrounds? This Pattern Workbook – “Floral Patterns“ presents a wide range of themes: millefleurs, flower power and retro-prints, dark grounds, romantic-prints, feminin dessins, classical designs …

In this Pattern Workbook Vol. 3 – "Floral Patterns" and the enclosed DVD you will find over 140 Designs in up to date colourways. All patterns are vector-based, so they can be scaled continuously and without any loss. The patterns are repeated precisely. The dimensions of the repeats are arranged in accordance with industrial standards. All patterns are arranged in layers so they can be processed right away.
1 910,00 SEK

The Printed Sardine, Vol. 1

THE PRINTED SARDINE is a delightful collection of royalty free graphics for babies and kids, inspired by the latest trends.
Mini bears, elephants, dinos, giraffes and other animals, together with flowers and minimalist prints, are mixed with fun.
A source of inspiration for textiles, home decor, stationery and many other areas.
The book includes a pendrive with 100 pages of designs in AI format. Our imagination has no limits!!
Illustrated by TOC DE GROC, a design studio from Barcelona. We are passionate about design for the kids universe!

THE PRINTED SARDINE textiles stationery royalty free graphics prints pattern latest trends kids inspiration home decor flowers collection babies AI format animals
4 490,00 SEK

Trendsetter KIDS vol. 4

Publisher Graphic Collection.
The trendsetter "KIDS Graphic Collection Vol.4" contains a comprehensive graphic package of young and fresh design ideas which take you to a fascinating world of fantasy, fun and creativity. With an expanding newborn section this book provides an optimal basis for strong-selling newborn, baby and mini collections.
6 360,00 SEK

Pattern Workbook Vol 2

Graphic Patterns, focuses on essential patterns for designers and creatives. This includes design sets, precisely constructed patterns, accurate repeat and colour details
1 910,00 SEK

Radical Matter book

Vad är framtidens Material- ny bok av tidigare talare på Next Strategy. Vilka material ska vi göra framtidens produkter av? Frågor som söker svar och är avgörande för alla företag där cirkulär ekonomi/produktion står på agendan (alla?) Hållbarhet utifrån materialets perspektiv. En måste-läsa-bok som ger dig åtta “Big Ideas” som formar val av material, design- och produktionsprocesser för designers idag och under överskådlig framtid. Boken är tydlig, lättförståelig och har 6 fallstudier och intervju med experter från industrin. En guide till att designa en bättre värld, hur en designer förstår hur man kopplar material med produktion, hur distributionen planeras och konsumentens användning.
290,00 SEK

Doodle Art Textures Vol. 1

Här finner du fina & roliga mönster och med en gnutta fantasi och påhittighet så kan du skapa de mest otroliga bilder.
1 415,00 SEK

Trendsetter MEN vol. 4

The new trendsetter “MEN Graphic Collection Vol.4”: COOL LOOK - FRESH LAYOUT - EXTRA KEYSTYLES - NEW PATTERN OVERVIEW - experience the new trendsetter feeling!

From casual to sporty, from edgy to classic this book provides an inexhaustible graphic collection which is inspired from international trends of the men fashion area.
Young ideas, eye-catching colours and a lot of detailed work in the usual high-quality - designed by professional fashion designers.

Facts: around 620 elaborated artworks - prints, applications, embroideries, labels, stripes, checks, jacquards and repeatable patterns - 40 trend themes, 60 colour themes with the belonging Pantone®Textile numbers and 60 keystyles.

The book is accompanied by two DVDs with vector and pixel graphics in the file formats *.ai (Adobe Illustrator CS and later), *.psd (Adobe Photoshop CS and later) and *.pdf (for CorelDraw-Users X5 and later).

Hardcover ring binder with detachable loose-leaf pages, 27,7 x 35,5 cm, 115 pages, text: englisch, 2 DVDs

- Menswear Graphic Book (full colour)
- 40 design and trend themes in all areas
- 60 colour themes including original Pantone®Textile numbers
- 60 keystyles
- placement artworks
- repeatable patterns
- checks, stripes
- knitted jacquards
- hangtags
6 360,00 SEK

Trendsetter WOMEN vol. 4

Graphic Collection, From casual to sporty, from edgy to romantic this book provides an inexhaustible graphic collection which is inspired from international trends of the woman fashion area
6 360,00 SEK


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