Next Talks seminar - Radical Matter

Caroline Till says; "- We need a better, smarter, more cyclical approach, in contrast to our current linear ‘take, make, discard’ relationship with materials – and a new future seems to be within our reach. Placing emphasis on materiality enables us to reconsider the building blocks of the design process from the bottom up. Thanks to a raft of exciting designers and makers who are fostering disruptive approaches, we are beginning to see that alternative systems of production and consumption are possible – and we are recognising that material innovation will be crucial to achieving this."


Many companies have declared to be fully or partially circular in the late 2020s, the goverment investing in R&D and we all seek knowledge of how we can become circular with sustained production pace and profitability. FranklinTill Ltd, London has been a collaboration partner for many years and has previously been featured in our Next Strategy seminar, with the launch and attention of their latest book Radical Matter, Caroline Till has quickly become a sought after lecturer in the subject.

Now we can proudly announce that in collaboration with Textilhögskolan Borås and Marketplace Borås, this unique opportunity is also available in our vicinity and the University's premises, see details below.

In spring 2018, FranklinTill Ltd, a research, trend forecast and advisory studio in London, released a highly acclaimed book "Radical Matter - Rethinking Materials for a Sustainable Future". Produced for designers, production and students.

Radical Matter has, from a global perspective, documented designers pushing the boundaries of a new and unconventional approach for the use of materials and design processes beyond the concept of "sustainable design".

Under eight "Big Ideas", themes and ideas are seen that affect our material world through exciting case studies and expert opinions. Each "Big Idea" has fully illustrated case studies from leading designers and engineers who are at the cutting edge of materials and design technology and are packed with experimental and radical solutions for the current global changes in design and manufacturing.

Since the book has been released, Caroline has been very busy from business and school and has been traveling around the world to hold talks, which is why we are so lucky we managed to get in Sweden and Borås in her tour.

FranklinTill specialises on sustainable innovation in colour and material. Why focus on these in particular?

Kate Franklin: Colour and material are at the heart of everything we surround ourselves with. Both have a massive impact on how we feel but are also fundamental in rethinking our relationship with the planet.

Caroline Till: These areas have been relatively overlooked in the creative industries – they’re often an afterthought or decided upon in relation to faddish trends. We consider material to be the building blocks of design. Therefore, the impact that these decisions can make to the market (in terms of product innovation, sustainability and relevance) is massive. We also feel that the power and impact of colour is not utilised enough by many brands. Now CMF (Colour, Material, Finish) is increasingly becoming an industry in itself, which is driving a greater sense of consideration and sensitivity to these areas. By placing colour and material at the heart of the research and design process you can unlock some really exciting opportunities for innovation. For example, we are motivated to ask questions such as: ‘How can we rethink materials to redesign our current linear ‘take-make-discard’ manufacturing model?’; ‘How can colour positively impact our physical and mental wellbeing?’, and ‘What role does tactility play in building a stronger connection between user and product?’.

Date: Tuesday 25th september 2018
Time: 13:00-15:30, koffee break 14:00-14:30
Place: Högskolan, byggnad Sandgärdet, Järnvägsgatan 5, Borås, Lokal M204
Price: 950sek/p, ex vat

Seminar in English
Limited no of seats

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Next Talks - Radical Matter

Seminarie på Högskolan Borås 25/9 2018

Datum: tisdagen den 25 september 2018
Tid: 13:00-15:30, kaffepaus kl 14:00-14:30
Plats: Högskolan, byggnad Sandgärdet, Järnvägsgatan 5, Borås, Lokal M204
Pris: 950kr /pers, ex moms
Företaget sker på engelska
Begränsat antal platser
950.00 SEK

Radical Matter book

What is future Materials? New book presents the eight ‘Big Ideas’ that will shape and inform the choices of materials, design methods and manufacturing processes made by designers in the years ahead. Clear, accessible presentation, with the ‘Big Ideas’ illustrated by sixty case studies and an interview with industry experts. A guide to designing a better world, one where the designer understands how to connect materials with manufacturing and the means of distributing products to, and their eventual use by, consumers.
380.00 SEK

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