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Looking for information about Next Strategy 2017?

The seminar in September will not be as usual, this year, David Shah, Viewpoint, will attend the Next Trend seminar on 5-6-7 December!
As you know, we are working hard to try to fill everyone's hunger for trend-color design linked to strategy, with optimal use of invested time and money. That's why we choose this time, in addition to popular, with the addition of new speakers, let David participate, combining design with strategy in the wonderful way only he can.
Everything is presented shortly during event NEXT TREND.


------------------------ 2016 program -----------------------------------


ColourHouse presents the 12th annual market strategy seminar for retail, e-tail, from design to brands and communicators in all lifestyle industries for consumer products & services.

INVITATION welcome to our annual strategic seminar 2016 - ViewPoint Magazine presents REBELLIONand how it turns our lives and business models upside down. Presented by ViewPoint publisher David R Shah, View Publications Amsterdam and creative director Caroline Till, FranklinTill studio London. Introducing our guestspeaker Alexander Bard



REBELLION - We are living in a state of saturation – we have too much stuff, we are excessively informed and are brought up to conform. Even our exposure to ‘good' design has landed us in an aesthetic landscape that is diluted and distinctly grey. However, it's now time to challenge the status quo, to celebrate ‘realness' and ‘difference' and indeed having an opinion. Expect to see the rise of disruptor brands that are not afraid to challenge or conform and how good taste is being replaced with a rebellious anarchic mood.
// ViewPoint

REBELLION by ViewPoint, presented by Caroline Till,creative director, London:
• Backlash against the bland leading the bland
• backlash against global homogenisation
• Rejection against glossy perfection
• Designers revolt 50 shades of beige
• Authenticity as a cliché
• Rebellion translation into design

UNDERCURRENTS – consumer behavior reflections by David Shah, publisher, Amsterdam:
• The capital of influence has moved from New York to Oregon from fashion to space travel.
• It’s not a five minute world anymore, but a five second one. We’re talking instant versus planned, spontaneous versus structured
• Doing things with a new sense of life which brings individuality and rebellion to the market
• Are you a “Kadashian" or an “Emma Watson”? What does empowerment mean to the Millennial woman
• Where do brands go as we move into a circular design world based on repair and recycling
• Space travel, driverless cars, AI and robotics, it’s an exciting, scary future, so no wonder Millennials are as much looking forward as looking backwards with vinyl, Crosley turntables and printed books.


Guest Speaker

DIGITAL RADICALS – Alexander Bard, philosopher, writer, explores people and groups with a different view on society & living in the online world. How generationism is a growing anxiety, a hidden segregation behind the scene of obvious angles of polarization in societies, hence the importance to explore what that means for brands and companies. Further extrapolating what digital radicals means for future human behaviors. 

FOR WHOM AND WHY: Next Strategy seminar this year is based on research and reports from 3 competent speakers to create a strategic tool for everyone from management, strategic-, R&D, designers, consumer insight researchers, communicators to analythics. Book yourself with colleagues now, the future agenda is written on a white piece of paper.

21 September 2016 Stockholm
Registration/lunch 11:30 onstage: 12:30-17:00. 
Rival Hotel, Mariatorget 3

22 September 2016 Göteborg
Registration/lunch 11:30 onstage: 12:30-17:00. 
Elite Park Avenue Hotel, Kungsportsavenyn 36-38

SEMINAR IN ENGLISH. Includes: lunch + beverage in the pause. The application is binding, however you are able to switch name on attendee if you're not able to participate. The number of seats is limited - Book now!

1 seat: 3.950 sek
Specialprice: Book 3 pay for 2 - 7.900 sek

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