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Abstract Camouflage Textures 1

Classic army and hunter patterns in new abstract design. Very useful for many industries. Over 200 innovative designs.
1,415.00 SEK

Abstract Checks Text. vol 1

The world of Tartan and various Checks comes back into fashion. However, something new needs to be done if possible. My research tries to combine this classic world with new patterns.
First, de-structuring and then re-assembling these geometries in a different way, overlapping or breaking lines, moving or dirting with other images or colours. No rules or restrictions but in the freedom of abstraction.
This style is linked to my research on the GRUNGE GEOMETRIC TEXTURES project, but unlike this, I would like to add to the fragmentation of the lines, also that of structures and colours, creating new atmospheres resulting from these processes.
Our eyes now no longer see what we always look at if there are no discontinuity elements from the ordinary. But will they be equally pleasing to look at as the old habitual schemes? Taste changes and evolves over time and perhaps this will happen.
1,415.00 SEK

Country Look Vol. 1

Classic vintage book focusing on hunting, fishing, riding and nature.
1,415.00 SEK

Grunge DecorativeBlackTextures

Arkivia, Vol. 1 incl. DVD
1,415.00 SEK

Outdoor Style Navy Vol. 2

Arkivia, Never a look was so well suited to its target, in this case the male, as that of „Outdoor“ in its various facets, from Navy to Country Look, from Travel to Sport.

When nostalgia is tinged with BLUE and you feel the need of its psychological certainties the Navy returns.

An ever-living look, made of classic atmospheres but also sportsmanship. The variations are countless moving from the world of navigation, see the idea of the sailor and the sea voyage, to the Yacht Clubs with their symbols and their flags.

Besides fishing, swimming, from the underwater world to nature and ecology with fish, shells, algae or distant beaches. Timeless symbols, so easy to wear and live in.

175 Designs: 109 patterns and 66 prints, free & ready for production inside DVD
1,415.00 SEK

Provencal Style Textures Vol 1

Arkivia, Provençal looks like a country style, simple and refined. Light and colorful as suspended gardens between the blue sky and the blue sea.

Provencal textile art is linked to particular designs and colours that are well suited to furnishings created to better feel the sunny atmosphere of southern France where everything gives the feeling of good weather.

And they are mostly white and blue, blue and yellow, but also red and green.

Lines of flowers and geometries with black contours on strong and clear backgrounds or squares and small flowers with slight shades of blue or purple immersed in white to give freshness.

This gives us joy to live and also gives us elegance, how can we resist it?.

240 vectorial Modular Designs suitable for Windows and Mac, ready and free to use in accordance with the copyright terms, inside DVD included.
1,415.00 SEK

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